Why Entrepreneurship is Easier Than Ever in 2019


Becoming an entrepreneur is easier now than it ever has been, and we have our technological advancements to thank for that.  In the past, people had to actively try harder to network, make connections, sell their brand, and market themselves or their brand/product/service.  Today, we have the ability to do just about anything we need to grow our business right in the palm of our hand. It might be challenging to get the ball rolling, but if you follow these steps, you’ll be set for success. 

First Off - Begin with Realistic Expectations

Thanks to social media, we're exposed to more entrepreneurs than ever before. People are starting to believe that this whole "living life on my terms" thing is really possible, and exposure is the key to that enlightenment. By seeing and hearing the stories of people who have gone through it, you're able to envision yourself going through it too. 

The downside to social media is people glorify what they see on Instagram, and ignore the work that was actually put in. Many people who start their own business are disillusioned into thinking it'll be easy, but quickly realize there’s a lot more work involved than they initially foresaw.  Beginning your business will be extremely stressful and it will require long hours - especially in the startup phase, but don't let that scare you. All things worth working for, are worth having! 

Learn to be Fearless - The Best Entrepreneurs Are

Being an entrepreneur is all about being ready to take risks.  A cautious and indecisive entrepreneur could miss important opportunities and get caught in a state of stagnation due to their lack of trust. Ultimately if you are spending your time worrying about the potential outcomes, your fear will keep you from achieving your goals. 

The best entrepreneurs are ready to dive right in, understanding that there’s never a “right time”. In the process of entrepreneurship, you'll get more comfortable with uncertainty and, over time, develop tough skin. It'll help you learn not to care about what other people think, but to stay true to what you believe. Yes feedback is great, and is crucial when growing a business, but it's important to decipher through that feedback to determine what should be applied to your company and what should be ignored. 

Utilize the Tech Available to You

It's in your hand anyway, so start using it! Modern tech has allowed for us to automate almost all of our day to day activities. Leverage that tech in your business to grow faster and smarter. For example, one the hardest parts when scaling is finding the right talent to join your team. It's not easy to find quality help, and when you do, it's pretty expensive. There are apps and online communities that help you vet more clients quicker, and even introduce you to talent based on your desired price. We've yet to find a business process that doesn't already have an app or downloadable software as a solution. 


Social Media as a Marketing Tool

In the past, everything was physical media.  Ads were effective in print magazines, newspapers, and of course, who can forget billboards?  This type of investment is not at all necessary in our times. Marketing does not have to be the huge expense that it used to be.  Social media allows us to easily, quickly, and cost effectively create and manage a community. You gain support from like-minded individuals at no or minimal cost and have the ability to target specific groups that would be most effective within your niche.  

Becoming an entrepreneur has never been easier.  Social media and the internet has allowed entrepreneurs learn and grow at an alarming rate - all at little to no cost. Information is so easily accessible, you just have to keep that inner fire burning for success, and everything else will fall into place. 

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