Find Incredible Products Made by
Incredible People.

Street2Ivy isn’t only a marketplace — it’s an innovation. We empower communities and
people by building connections between socially-conscious shoppers, businesses,
and thought leaders.

To help, all you have to do is shop.

Elevate Communities With Every Purchase

When you shop with Street2Ivy, you join our mission to support underserved small businesses. As these businesses grow, communities thrive and positivity spreads.

  1. Shop for Cool Stuff.

    Purchase high-quality
    products you’ll love directly from innovative small
    business owners.

  2. Build Connections.

    Discover the stories of the people behind the products with customized vendor pages.

  3. Earn Free Gifts.

    Street2Ivy members earn Ivy Points with each purchase, which can be exchanged
    for free gifts and
    awesome discounts.

  4. Support Communities.

    We invest 15% of the net profit from our marketplace into underserved small businesses and communities.

Hear From Businesses That Street2Ivy Has Helped!