4 Ways You Can Use Social Media To Grow Your New Business


4 Ways You Can Use Social Media To Grow Your New Business

So you just started your online business and you’re trying to decide what to focus on first. You have a product, but in order for it to be a business, you need customers. Social Media has proved to be the best way to introduce products to new customers in 2019. Because we want you to win, and want to see your business thrive, we put together a list of different ways you can use social media today to scale your business. 


1. Let Your Audience Find You

Social Media gives you the power to reach millions of people on multiple platforms. All it takes is a hashtag search, and you can find thousands of people with similar interests. Click on their profiles and you get detailed information on those people. Why is this all important? Traditionally before a business goes to market, they spend time in their research and development phase. This is when companies spend time (and money) interviewing groups of people to learn more about their interests, their problems and opportunities for business. In 2019, social media covers that R&D process in half the time, with half the budget. 

You need to start putting out different types of content, with slightly different messages, to see how people respond. Look at the people who like or comment on that content, and start to understand who that person is. Are they different from who you initially thought your audience would be? If not, then you’re on the right track. If so, you might want to go back and make some changes to that target audience. Social media allows you to not just make assumptions about which consumers are attracted to your brand, instead it could be used as a listening tool to actually see who those people are. You can then adjust your marketing messaging or even your product to accommodate. 


2. Build a Brand. Understand Your Voice.

Once you start to have a better understanding of who your audience is, you can put out content that you know they would be attracted to. This is how you start to develop your brand’s voice. Understand your consumers on a personal level. Know what they like, know who they talk to, know what other brands they might be attracted to, etc. Then develop a tone on social that’s specifically targeted to them. 

To effectively communicate, you need to first actively listen. Creating a unique brand voice will allow you to carve out a niche in your market, all while gathering a group of loyal followers who are bought into your mission. As you continue to build those relationships, lookalike audiences will allow you to target new consumers and widen your reach.


3. Look at What Other People are Doing 

Often times your greatest resource is your competitors. If you are new to a space, use social media to see how already established businesses are marketing their products. You’ll be able to see what content and even what products are working on their accounts, then decide if you want to do the same. We’re not encouraging you to copy everything your competitors do, but it’s important to be aware of what’s going on and use that information to make better informed decisions on who your consumers are. Their buyers are your buyers, learn how to cater to them in your own unique way. 


4. Drive People to Your Webpage 

Your webpage traffic will determine the success of your online business. The more traffic, the more conversions. Social media should be used as an amplifying tool to get your mission and your products on the radar of your consumers. The most common way to bring traffic from social to your webpage is by tagging products directly in your feed posts. While this is an effective method, it’s the most basic. Think of it from your consumers point of view. They scroll past hundreds of linked product posts a day. So much so that they could easily not even notice a tag on your post. We’ve learned that adding links to articles written on your site is a way more effective method. You are actively inviting them to additional content, can choose to either mention the link in your feed/ story post or just leave the link in your bio. If people are attracted to your page, when they get there, they’ll take the initiative in clicking through to find out more.

Social media should be used for more than just likes and comments. If you know how to use it, it can help you make crucial business decisions that drives growth. Why waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on R&D and other traditional prospecting tools, when you can use the smartphone in your hand to communicate with all of your prospective clients. Let us know how these tips helped you in your business, and sign up for our newsletter for weekly tips and insight.


We're winning if you're winning. 

- Street2Ivy

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