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Our Mission: Support Change Makers | Street2Ivy

Why Street2Ivy

At Street2Ivy, our goal is to enable economic empowerment in underserved communities.  We believe that entrepreneurship is an effective way to uplift communities and combat the income and wealth disparities that plagues many communities today.  Through our Youth Programs and Online Academy, we provide aspiring change-makers with access to information, mentorship, and tools to create and market innovative solutions to the problems that they see in their communities and beyond.  

In addition to inspiring the next generation of business leaders, we partner with entrepreneurs who want their businesses to play an integral role in making communities better.  Our partners understand that it is possible for their business to be both profitable and to have a positive impact on the communities in which they operate.  

We currently utilized our E-commerce platform to promote our partners’ products and services and to provide socially-conscious consumers with the opportunity to support them.  We have also developed our  Elevate Magazine” to share the stories of business professionals, artist, and other creatives that think outside the box to make positive chance happen in their community.  We hope that their stories and work inspire you to join our mission to empower communities through entrepreneurship and innovative thinking. 

Connecting young minds with the resources and education they need to build the solutions their communities need.


Providing entrepreneurial youth with six weeks of hands-on learning and building under the mentorship of industry experts and entrepreneurial leaders.


Chronicling the stories and strategies of some of today’s most impactful entrepreneurs to give businesses the tools they need to do the same.


The products in our Shop are specifically sourced to support an active lifestyle and promote ’life education.' Find travel accessories, sporting goods, and more.


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