Dreams Are Universal. Opportunity Is Not.

While millions of Americans wake up with hopes of creating change in their community, a majority of them are never given the tools to actually make it happen. Street2Ivy is an online marketplace dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in our communities through education, resources and mentorship.

We believe that the best way to uplift a community is through economic empowerment, which for us, means taking entrepreneurial ideas and helping them grow into full-scale businesses. By providing individuals and small businesses the tools they need to create and grow their ventures, we can create a new lane of opportunity for dreamers and creators.

Why "Street" to "Ivy" 

The name Street2Ivy is inspired by the stories and aspirations of people who work hard every day to turn their unique struggle into the roots of their unique success.

How We Do It

We open up doors for opportunity by equipping entrepreneurs with the tools to succeed. For our current vendors, we host their products on our platform, connect them with our in-house brand team, then launch branded marketing materials to promote their products.

For our young generation of aspiring entrepreneurs, we teach them the fundamentals of starting a business through our community programs. We introduce them to industry professionals who cover topics from leadership and brand message to design thinking and investing.

How You Can Join The Mission

It's our mission to connect purpose-driven businesses with socially-conscious consumers who want to purchase great products and empower communities with those purchases. So browse through our vendors, hear their stories and shop their products - every purchase is in support of our mission.

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