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We partner with community organizations and corporations to design Youth Programs focused on entrepreneurship and innovative thinking.  Our programs are designed to give aspiring change-makers the tools to develop and market innovative solutions to the problems that they see in their community and beyond. Join the mission of empowering change-makers by helping them access resources to bring their vision to life. To learn more about How You Can Partner With Street2Ivy to bring one of our live or virtual innovation programs to your community – Please Contact Us here

Fallon Real Estate Youth Entrepreneurship Program

July 6, 2021 - August 9, 2021

Work with industry experts in areas like real estate to learn skills like financial modeling, property valuation and investment analysis. Street2Ivy partners with community organizations and corporate sponsors to offer courses based on topics like entrepreneurship and real estate.

Our Foundational Program Elements

Learn more about our program conducted in collaboration with the Boston Branch of the NAACP and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by viewing the video below.  

Design Thinking

The Empathize - Define - Ideate - Prototype - Test framework is not only the foundation of some of today’s most impactful innovations, but it also provides young people with a new process for tackling everyday challenges within their communities and finding opportunities to make change.

Inclusive Design

By helping our students understand the “putting people first” concept, we equip them with a key element of success in today’s diverse, global economy, while also helping them become better able to empathize and understand the members of their individual communities.

Financial Modeling

We help our students understand the fundamentals of managing finances, making projections, and investing capital, to ensure they manage risks and remain secure as they build solutions to the issues facing their communities.

Digital Marketing

We believe social media and digital marketing are great economic equalizers of the 21st century. We teach our students how to leverage digital tools to position themselves for success in today’s economy.

Learn from Industry Professionals
We invite professionals from different disciplines to present the strategies and practices present in top companies. The students work closely with each teacher to learn how they can apply these practices to their businesses.


Work With Your Team To Develop Your Product
Once the students have gone through the training segments, they are assigned teams and pick a product to pursue for the remainder of the program. They work together to develop a business name, brand mission, product description and go-to-market strategy.


Prepare & Present
Each team works with a graphic designer to develop a logo, pitch deck and unique brand identity to present to a panel of professionals. They are challenged with questions about their product, Marketing strategies, and manufacturing.

Teaching Community

Our program brings industry leaders, marketing experts, and successful entrepreneurs of all kinds to classrooms full of ambitious, young, aspiring change-makers.

We invite experts in a diverse range of fields - marketing, design, business development - to teach our aspiring entrepreneurs the essential building blocks of making innovative change.

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