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A Cultural Movement

Our brand priority is to acknowledge people who are already 'Young and Established' and to influence people who have a dream to be more. We want to encourage them to strive for greatness, and live the life they dreamed. We also provide people with the tools and opportunities to become Young and Established. We want to make it known that they too can create their own successes in life, and help them get there.
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Empowering the Next Generation of Thought Leaders

About Us

Young and Established is a lifestyle brand encouraging people to take control of their lives and work toward financial freedom. Whether you're still in school, working a 9-5 or struggling to find employment, we want to help you accomplish your goals and provide you with merchandise to remind you of your mission everyday. Based out of Paterson NJ, we've seen it all - and we know there needs to be a change in mindset for our communities to develop. Success is right where you are. You just have to take it. - YAE
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