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  • Street2Ivy is an online marketplace dedicated to supporting underserved communities through education, resources and mentorship. The brand was created by two Ivy League grads who started from very humble beginnings and saw an opportunity to leverage their network to provide educational resources on entrepreneurship to communities that otherwise would not have access to the appropriate resources.
  • A portion of all sales on the Street2Ivy marketplace are reallocated back into underserved communities to provide educational resources and programs on entrepreneurship to the youth. The Street2Ivy Entrepreneurship Programs are full summer programs providing industry expert education (business, marketing, sales, business law, product development, fundraising, mindset + more) to groups of young aspiring entrepreneurs from underserved communities. They’re given the opportunity to create a product, develop a marketing plan, and eventually pitch to potential investors.



For Vendors


  • 1. Street2Ivy Custom Brand Profile: To further support the entrepreneurial community, Street2Ivy invites brands on to the marketplace to highlight the unique stories behind the brands and behind the entrepreneurs who make it all possible.
  • 2. Paid Advertising: For no additional charge or fee, vendors who are invited on to the Street2Ivy marketplace receive paid advertising services provided and operated by the Street2Ivy team, to drive traffic to their product and collection pages. Your products are hosted on the Street2Ivy marketplace to sell to the Street2Ivy audience.
  • 3. Street2Ivy Vendor Dashboard: All vendors have access to a personal Vendor Dashboard that shows them all important product and payment information. This is where vendors can securely enter their payment information and also have access to order details, performance details, products listings, etc.


A Vendor

  • 1. Contact the Street2Ivy team here with information about your brand, with photos of your products. Please include social links, or webpage information.
  • 2. Our team will review each proposal and contact the brands that we believe fit best for our marketplace
  • 3. Upon approval, Vendor Agreements will be sent and Vendor onboarding will begin
  • 4. Vendor onboarding includes a custom brand profile, access to our vendor portal, and uploading of products to the site.
  • 5. Our content team writes up an introductory Street2Ivy magazine article for all new vendors. This highlights the brand, any unique stories, missions, etc.
  •       - To couple the launch of the magazine article, our social media team will also put together a promotional Instagram campaign
  • 6. It's that simple!
  • Vendor products are hosted on the Stree2Ivy online marketplace. When a purchase is made on Street2Ivy, there is a 10% service charge on the sale price (including the shipping price set by the marketplace). When a purchase is completed, the vendor is immediately emailed a notification and payment is received through vendor portal. It is your responsibility to fulfill the order as you normally would fulfill an order.


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