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We empower creators & Innovators

We empower creators & Innovators


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“Street2Ivy offered my business a solution to creating branded products that my customers wanted, without my team having to invest the extra time to figure out the correct way to design, sell, and deliver the products and at zero cost to me. The entire team has been great to work and it’s been awesome to have another stream of income coming into the business.

Bernard Williams, MediaPlateNJ

“Street2Ivy offered me the chance to connect with my viewers in a completely different way. I knew I wanted a way for fans that have been with me from the beginning to rep the brand, but had no clue how or that having another stream of income from the sales was possible. From a super simple design process, store set-up, and delivery of my products directly to customers, I had to invest very little time to get my merch store launched.”

Noah Maliek, Official NMW

“I’ve had fans that have come out to support me since day one, and wanted a way to give those amazing people a way to invest back into my brand. Having an additional stream of income has been great as well. It’s so cool to see people wearing this brand that I’ve been building for so long.”

Won Canon, DJ

“Customers have been asking us for branded merch and we were so excited to find an easy and free option! Street2Ivy has been such a fun addition to our brand and requires little to no hours from my team (and we are making extra money!). Thanks to the entire Street2Ivy team for being so easy to work with.”

Francesca D’Elia, Homegrown Jewelry

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