Space Kats / Natural – Electric Green Lens
Natural Space Kats Bamboo Sunglasses w/ Polarized Electric Green Lenses

• All Kynd bamboo sunglasses feature scratch & shatter resistant REVO polarized UV400 lenses
• 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Don't worry about a thing!
• Lifelong Recycling Program - Can turn in your old Kynd shades for 50% off a new pair. For life!
• So lightweight, they float in water (no joke).
• Each pair comes with a bamboo "stash" case, microfiber cloth & bag, and an eyeglass tool.

Kynd Eyewear

We use only bamboo to make our sunglasses, which is a very sustainable resource. Bamboo is grass, not wood – no trees are harmed in our manufacturing process. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world – it does not require chemicals, pesticides, or excess rainwater to grow. Bamboo also creates about 30% more oxygen and consumes up to 30% more carbon dioxide than trees.