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The Herbs & Bees
The Herbs & Bees
125 5th Ave
Paterson, NJ
The Herbs & Bees is a woman-owned company that hand crafts organic, vegan, and cruelty free products. Our core value is to produce organic, natural products that improve, rather than degrade, your health and the health of our planet. Our line of products is specially formulated using organic, raw, and unrefined ingredients to provide powerful results without the use of toxic chemicals. We operate on three basic principles: protect people, animals, and the environment. We protect people by offering safe natural alternatives to the toxic chemicals being sold today. We protect the animals by using only vegan ingredients that have never been tested on animals, and we protect the environment by only using glass and recycled packing. We believe that doing the right thing is its own reward. In our quest to promote health and wellbeing we donate a portion of our sales to help save the bees.
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In a polite society, a well maintained skincare routine is one of life’s great successes

Noha Soliman

They say a mother’s love has no limits. The Herbs & Bees Founder and CEO, Noha Soliman, proves this true. Noha’s struggle to save her daughter from a debilitating brain condition ultimately inspired her to establish The Herbs & Bees company. In 2014, Noha’s daughter was diagnosed with a sudden onset of aggressive scoliosis. A preoperative MRI revealed that Noha’s daughter had a Chiari Malformation, extra bone growth which blocks the natural flow of brain fluid from moving up and down the spine. Immediate surgery was necessary to avoid paralysis, which likely would have developed within a year if the Chiari Malformation was not discovered. Within just two weeks of the diagnosis, Noha’s daughter underwent brain surgery to shave down the Chiari. Six months later tests showed the surgery was not effective in getting the fluid in her spine to freely flow back up to her brain. At this point, the doctor’s said the best option would be to perform another surgery and place a shunt in her brain. Fearful of another unsuccessful surgery and devastated by the lack of possible cures, hope was fleeting. Noha refused to allow this condition to paralyze her child and instead turned to holistic health for a second opinion. Beginning the journey to find natural healing methods, a Naturopathic Doctor explained to Noha that her daughter’s body was stagnant. He recommended she take an herbal regimen and prohibited her from the use of toothpaste and any topical over-the-counter product including shampoo. Following the visit, Noha researched natural remedies and began creating daily personal care products for her daughter to use. After many months and countless appointments with a naturopath, the doctors started noticing improvements: brain fluids started decreasing, mobility to her arms and fingers were starting to restore, and she was no longer in pain. Noha and her daughter received the best news possible, she was healed! Noha’s passion for natural health became a lifestyle and eventually a career. She continued making natural products at home for her family and friends as word spread regarding the healing effects of the natural personal care products. For 18 months, Noha produced and sold products from her home as well as the coordination of many herbal hours within her community. On January 1, 2018, Noha decided to take The Herbs & Bees public in an effort to offer all families a healthy natural alternative to the toxic chemicals that are used on a daily basis.
Noha  Soliman
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