Kodiak Leather Co
Kodiak Leather Co
Kodiak Leather Co
163 North 835 East
Linden, UT 84042
Made With Quality Everything we make, is made by hand. We check it once, then check it again, and again, before we send it to you. We want to sell you heirlooms - treasures that can be passed down from generation to generation. Styled to Impress And they aren't just constructed to last a lifetime - they're designed to look good year in and year out. Built For A Lifetime We stamp a Lifetime Warranty on everything we sell. End of story.
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Kodiak Leather Co’s Top 5
Lose It Kane Brown
Single You Up Jordan Davis
Downtowns Dead Sam Hunt
Zombie Bad Wolves
Sky is Neighborhood Foo Fighters

Our Playlist

Every shop has to be backed by a great playlist. You can tell a lot about a person based on the music that they listen to, and a business is no different. Here are some of our favorite tracks that provide the soundtrack to our day-to-day business. Spin a few and get to know us a little better.

We're passionate about people, and we're passionate about leather.

Jared Morse

Kodiak isn't about selling products, and it's much more than just a word. Kodiak is a family run and operated business. We pride ourselves on heirloom quality leather pieces that you can pass on to your children.
Jared  Morse
Street2Ivy gives us a platform to sell our products and even reinvests in our vision.


"Lindon: a little bit of country"
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