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Portland, OR 97203
iLoveHandles is an accessories company that offers products for different purposes such as home, kids, personal, technology, and workshops.
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Our Playlist

Every shop has to be backed by a great playlist. You can tell a lot about a person based on the music that they listen to, and a business is no different. Here are some of our favorite tracks that provide the soundtrack to our day-to-day business. Spin a few and get to know us a little better.

Ideas are always the most exciting part. The moment you are sure you have something that is smart, beautiful, useful — and that has never been done before…the moment before the hard work begins.

Rich Moore , Avik Maitra

Avik’s background was in product design. Rich’s background was in graphic design and illustration. We met in architecture school and started a long back-and-forth about a wide range of project ideas. Soon after graduation, we started a design firm in Portland, Oregon. We affectionately refer to it as a “design sweatshop” where we do a combination of graphic design, product design and architecture.
Rich Moore
Street2Ivy gives us a platform to sell our products and even reinvests in our vision


Funny hats, food trucks, obsessive baristas, urban gardening, bike lovers: Portland is practically a laboratory of all that’s hip and cool in North America right now.