Babas – Navy Leather
In the spirit of Equality that we present the “Baba”, a soft, stylish, sleek treat for your feet. We at Chinelas believe that comfort, function, and style should be equally important, and in the “Baba” all three are present. Much more than a normal flat heel, the padding fits your feet providing support for even the longest days on your feet, and they will look good the whole time.

Oh, and if you want a little more flare with your shoes… you are in luck! The back tab of the Baba is designed in such a way as to allow you to fold it down, quickly transforming this from a form-fitting shoe to a sleek and stylish slide.

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Rooted in Chicago with partners around the world, Chinelas is bringing you top-quality style and comfort in a variety of unique design styles. No matter the level of adventure—or chill—that you’re in for, Chinelas will keep you looking and feeling great.