Belt and Wire
Belt and Wire
Belt and Wire
All of the pieces are individually handcrafted and no two are identical. Made with real leather recycled belts and embellished with copper details.
Broken Belt, Copper, and a Crafty Hand.

Katie Schuppler, Mike Connell

It all started with two power balance bracelets between two friends (Mike & Bobby). A few short months later Bobby passed away and Mike still wore his bracelet everyday in his memory. In June of 2014, the bracelet broke and he wanted to get something to replace it. Coincidentally a week or so later his belt broke and he constructed a bracelet out of the leather and some copper, now wearing it in honor of his friend. Introducing Belt & Wire
Katie  Schuppler
Street2Ivy gives us a platform to sell our products and even reinvests in our vision.


We wouldn’t have been successful without the support of our communities both in Milwaukee and in Chicago. Meeting other local artists and makers has been crucial in spreading the word about one another’s small businesses and supporting the shop small/shop local way of shopping.
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