Rainbow Trout Organic Cotton T-Shirt, Black
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"Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are renowned for their attractive and colorful patterned skin and their remarkable ability to swim swiftly upstream. They are a very popular game fish in North America.

"Rainbow trout get their name from the beautiful colors that shine on their skin. Coloration of the rainbow trout varies widely in relation to sex, habitat, and maturity. Colors on the back of a trout can range from brown, to olive, to dark blue. All rainbow trout have a pinkish band running the length of their body, and a silver underside that fades to pearl white. There are small black spots on their back, fins, and tail.

"Rainbow Trout are native to rivers, streams, and other fresh waters west of the Rocky Mountains. They are predators, and will eat almost anything they can catch, including insects, small fish, and crustaceans."

- 100% organic cotton
- Fair Trade Certified
- Relaxed fit, sturdy construction
- Medium weight jersey knit
- Soft, ring-spun, combed cotton
- Eco-friendly & colorfast dye
- Double-needle stitching
- Union Made in India
- Screen printed in California


Our t-shirts are sustainably manufactured using 100% organic cotton — grown without the use of GMOs, toxic pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Organic cotton is farmed using environmentally friendly processes that support farmers and ensure the health and well-being of the soil and surrounding wildlife.


Fair Trade Certification indicates safe, healthy, and progressive working conditions for farmers and factory workers. Fair Trade ensures fair wages and benefits for workers; no child labor; favorable health and safety standards; the right to form trade unions; and equal rights and representation for women.

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