Street2Ivy Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How Does Street2Ivy Help Small Businesses and Communities?


  • We assist small businesses that we work with by allowing them to post, market, and sell their products on the Street2Ivy platform without additional costs;


  • We provide fee digital marketing on behalf of the small businesses;


  • We offer warehousing and fulfilment support services at low costs; and


  • Because access to capital is one of the primary barriers to establishing and growing small businesses, we make 60% of our net profits available for debt and equity financing for small businesses


  • Investment decisions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but any small business that is qualified to be listed on Street2Ivy is free to apply for funding


  • Businesses that are interested in applying for funding may submit a request info@street2ivy.com


  • We provide businesses that we make an investment into with professional services and business coaching and mentorship.


  1. How Does Street2Ivy Select the Small Businesses Its Supports? 


Not just any business is right for Street2Ivy.  The businesses that we work with must meet, at least, the following criteria:


  1. They must be a small business with under 50 employees;


  1. They must sell their own branded products or services and are not just resellers or distributors; and


  1. They must have a verifiable mission to positively impact the communities in which they operate.


  1. How Does The Points Rewards Program Work? 


  • Customers of Street2Ivy who join our membership program, in addition to receiving their monthly curated box of Street2Ivy and small business products, are able to earn points that unlock additional free gifts.


  • Members can earn 1 point for each dollar they spend on Street2Ivy. They also can earn referral points (1 point per dollar) by referring other Street2Ivy customer who ultimately join Street2Ivy’s membership program; and


  • Members must obtain a minimum of 450 points in a given month to be eligible to receive a free gift in the following month. Free gifts are available only as long as supplies last.


  1. How Do I Ensure That What I Spend on Street2Ivy Supports Businesses In My Community? 


  • Street2Ivy provides a vendor locator feature on the vendor page Using this feature, you can search for vendors in your neighborhood; and


  • Using the vendor locator feature, if you do not find what you are looking for, you can send a request to your favorite vendor to apply to become a part of Street2Ivy.