Black Friday Pop-Up Contest 2023 | Street2Ivy
ART BY JIGGGY - Nicholas Sosa
Art by jigggy is inspired by Nicholas Sosa's childhood of freely doodling characters in class  without any thought. Making art fun and different but paying homage to the graffiti style as well.   This t-shirt is everything you've dreamed of...
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Divine Feminine - Chris Childs
Childs' journey began in high school when he stumbled upon the world of customizing shoes. This chance encounter ignited a passion that would reshape his life. As he delved deeper into the art of customization, his dedication led him to...
Storybook Wonderland - Mai B
Author Mai B. was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. She started writing poetry very young and grew to love to read. At 26, Author Mai B. was influenced by her mother to write a children’s book. Her debut book,...
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Nathaniel Ellis - War on Authenticity
My name is Nathaniel Ellis.  I am a 21-year-old clothing designer from Lithonia, Georgia.  In December 2019,  I decided to take a chance and start my entrepreneurial journey as a senior in high school with a part-time job. After months...
from $24.50
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